I’m an uncreative, creative

*cues Cardi B voice* I’m just a regular degular shmegular girl from the Atlanta trying to share my pretty average views on the world

Do you ever feel like you have something to say, but you don’t know what to say or how to say it or even how to start? Or that you have some creativity just waiting to be unleashed, but you don’t know what to do? That’s me. That’s why I’m here.

I’ve always considered myself a creative. I love any and all DIY projects. I am an amateur photographer/videographer. I kind of consider myself somewhat of a visual artist (I say that with apprehension because I simply copy ideas off Pinterest for pieces in my home). I sometimes write poetry or creative writing pieces. All of this to say, I consider myself to have an artistic side. Yet, I’m not enough of a creative because I often find myself without some inspiration or something in mind to create, but I just know in my heart that I have to put my energy and the tiny bit of inspiration sparks onto paper (or in this case the entire internet).

When the thought of a blog crossed my mind, I was a tad excited, yet not completely convinced it was the right step for me. A friend of mine graduated school with a degree in communications, cultivated her love for PR and marketing, immediately started working at a large PR firm post grad, so starting a serious blog was the obvious next step for her. Because I saw her doing it (and doing a damn good job too) I found myself to be intimidated. That’s not for me. I don’t work in that field. I didn’t participate in that organization during college. I devoted all of my time in fostering my passions for health sciences and business. I only sought out opportunities that fell in line with what I’ve done in the past. I didn’t think I could commit to something of that scale and something that required such consistency. I did not see it as my place to start a blog or even dare dip my toe into the field of communications.

But I’m going to try, even if no one reads it and it stays hidden in some deep corner of the internet, at least I did it. I found something to throw my creative thoughts into for the time being and I found an outlet that I can truly shape into my own. Plus, its cheaper than buying actual art products because that’s not a cheap hobby if you aren’t selling any pieces.

What do I want this to be

-a place where I share my experiences where I pretend to be an adult and tackle the real world, the workplace, relationships, and everything else in between.

-travel blog/vlogs because I just got my passport, I’m done with school, and I have a tiny bit a money to go see some new things

– mood boards because those are crucial and even though I don’t necessarily take photos frequently, I love looking at the work of others.

-tips on beauty, self-care, and general love because life is hard and everyone deserves a moment of peace

What This is not going to be

-personal daily rants about my experiences in life, the workplace, or in relationships. I want this to be a place of positivity and self-improvement. I spend enough time in the real world complaining

So I guess now is the time for an official introduction of myself


My name is Courtney. I just graduated from Vanderbilt with a dual degree in Sociology and Women’s & Gender Studies so I’m always trying to vouch for the marginalized people and going on some sort of feminist, “end to heteronormativity” rant. Currently living and trying to work in Atlanta (fingers crossed); hopefully I’ll land some sort of something in business development or really anything that pays money because being an adult is hard and expensive.

As I close out this post, I am excited and hopeful that this blog will bring some sort of joy and personal growth. Happy to have y’all along for the ride 🙂 

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