Health Journey: Sometimes I eat tofu…

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In case you didn’t know, #summer2k17 is the summer I finally get my life together and start new habits and finally doing the things I always wanted to (but claimed I never had time for). I decided to start with my health because 1) it’s important 2) positive changes can hopefully give me energy to do all the other things on my list.

I sometimes eat tofu and leaves, but I also can eat an entire family size pack of peanut M&Ms in like one hour. Being more aware of my health, fitness, and the types of food I’ve been putting in my body has always been a goal of mine, but I never cared enough to make any serious changes because I’ve been fairly thin, have a great family medical history, and got a bit of exercise from walking everywhere. Upon graduating, I realized that I couldn’t keep getting away with my “kind of healthy” diet and depending on walking as my only form of exercise. Especially if I would be commuting 45 each way and sitting at a desk for 35 hours a week for work. So far, I’ve been making slight changes to my diet until I feel more prepared and have more time to start working out. Here’s a few tips and words of inspiration that have really motivated me to keep up with my healthier diet

  • Ease into it: I always thought the best way to get in shape is to quit all the bad things cold turkey. This might seem like a good idea for the moment and might even last you a few days, but I found that it made me less motivated and generally unhappy. I would cheat and eat a pint of ice cream then think “what’s the point of continuing if I already did this?”. Ease into it by eliminating one thing at a time (like no red meat on week one) or limit your consumption of certain things. Add a new stipulation each week until you are on your ideal diet.
  • Make reasonable goals: goes hand in hand with the tip above. Don’t think you’re going to drop 10 pounds in two weeks and survive off a juice cleanse if you’ve never done that before. I found that I was harder on myself when I didn’t hit these crazy high expectations. Be honest with yourself and be reasonable.
  • Consistency is key: Be consistent with your choices or introduce a consistent habit. Currently, I drink a vegetable smoothie every day and I’m starting to cut red meat. The daily smoothies have definitely been positive and it’s something I can consistently do, no matter what meals I have that day.
  • Weight loss is great, but general well-being is even better: skinny does not equal healthy. Making better diet choices should be about improving your overall wellbeing, the weight loss is a great side effect of that so try not to think strictly in pounds lost and calories. I found myself to be stressed out more when I was weighing myself daily with no major change

These tips work for me and hopefully you’ll find them a bit helpful. However, these tips may not be for everyone! It all depends on you. What are your diet tips and tricks?

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