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You are Powerful: Invest in Yourself

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Happy Friday! The idea of investing in yourself has been hot on my mind lately, so here I am with some Friday inspiration.

Invest in yourself. Sounds easy enough to some; while others think it’s nearly impossible because they don’t have everything they need. However, choosing to invest in yourself is one of the most powerful things you could possibly do and goes beyond your wallet.

To invest in yourself is to claim that you believe so wholeheartedly in your own success and drive that you will not wait for another person to believe in you. It is to equip yourself with everything you need to succeed instead of waiting for the perfect time or for someone to give you exactly what you need. It is to proclaim your power, your success, your strength, and your intelligence to the world. Invest in yourself because no one else will and because you are capable.

Here’s a few tips that have been passed down to me and have truly helped motivate me in building a brand.

  1. Let your passion drive you: Don’t invest your time into something you are not 100% about. It might be the “cool” thing to do or something you have been told that you’d be great at, but if you aren’t all in, it can turn into an annoying task. Let your passion be the driving force and the success will follow.
  2. Do it if you can: Trust your gut and don’t overthink it. If it is something you’re passionate about or something you’re excited about, GO FOR IT and don’t look back. You can always find a million excuses not to do something and you’ll be waiting around forever for the perfect moment.
  3. Don’t just talk the talk: Ensure that you can also walk the walk. If you’re serious about your craft and investing in yourself, then do everything you can to better yourself! Take the time to create, set goals, and map out what you want your brand to look like. Your work ethic often speaks louder than the tangible things you create.
  4. Don’t strictly think about the price tag: I know how hard it can be to think beyond money (especially when you are just starting out in the real world), but sometimes you have to take the plunge to build your brand/ start your youtube channel/ whatever else you’re trying to create. It is an investment in your future!

What does the phrase “invest in yourself” mean to you?

8 thoughts on “You are Powerful: Invest in Yourself”

  1. I couldn’t agree more, taking time to invest in yourself is always worth it whether you fall or fly. Investing in yourself to me means working as hard on yourself as you do for others and your job, and knowing that it will be worthwhile whether you see the effects in weeks, months, or years!

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  2. I love this. Especially the last point: Don’t think about the price tag. Been thinking a Youtube channel for the longest time and looking at price of cameras, it’s ridiculous. But I’m definitely going to take the plunge. Thanks for the read.

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