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Post Graduation Thoughts: 2 Month Mark

Nine Lives.pngI’m back with a new category of posts about my adulating journey. I’m going to start my own tag called Post Graduation Thoughts. I hope to capture the small and the big things I’ve noticed, major lessons, and milestones that I have found pretty eye opening since I’ve have left the halls of Vanderbilt.

Here is the first installment at the almost two-month mark 🎉

  • Friendships Change
    • A few days ago, I finally realized why so many people form close friendships with their co-workers. Seriously, I never understood it. Why would you hang out with someone you spend 40 hours a week with already? I’ve always been a strong supporter of keeping work and personal life separate mainly because I’ve only worked with actual adults who were 30+. However, it dawned on me that your coworkers quickly become your friends because you spend so much time with them and probably overshare details of your personal life because they’re in close proximity to you. If you click with them, you find yourself confiding in them, hanging out after hours, and forming genuine non-work-related bonds. Nights gossiping in my best friend’s dorm room has turned into days with my coworkers and I think I’m okay with it.
    • On the same note, your previous friendships are still so important to have, deserve attention, and might be changing. How you communicate, how often you see each other or talk, and the stuff you talk about changes once you leave the bubble that is college. It doesn’t necessarily mean you’re growing apart, but that you are growing in your own ways.
  • Your age becomes weird
    • Maybe it’s just me, but I always feel like I’m either the youngest in the room or the oldest. No in-between (unless I’m going out with people who also just graduated). It’s weird and I don’t like it because it somehow launches me into deep thought about my career and everything I’ve accomplished in life up until now. When did everyone become so old?
  • Saving money is probably the most difficult task of my adult life (possibly my existence)
    • Saving is hard. Resisting temptation to buy a $10 lunch when you know you meal prepped is hard. Resisting that semi-annual sale that you don’t need to indulge in, but “everything is so cheap” is hard. I’m slowly working on self-control because my expenses are no longer just money for going out and food like it was in college. I can no longer depend on my mom to save me when I spend too much one weekend 🤷🏽‍♀️Instead, I’m saving to move out, to buy a new car, and all the other great adult stuff.
  • Staying out late has quickly become impossible
    • I can’t hang anymore. I used to be able to go out and last until 3am EASY. But now, midnight on the weekend and 9pm during the week is cutting in kind of close. I can barely stay awake or find the energy to watch a movie late at night even if I’m at home chilling by myself. I have a bedtime to stick to.

What’s one the first things you learned after graduating college?

1 thought on “Post Graduation Thoughts: 2 Month Mark”

  1. Awesome blog Courtney….and for the record, some folks take YEARS to achieve some of your stated goals. Stay focused on the prize….you’ve got this!


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