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the year of _____

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Originally my plan was to create a list of 17 lessons from 2017, but that was a bit much. So, here are 5 lessons that I can say have truly impacted my year.

  1. What is meant for you is already yours – whether you call it God, fate, or coincidence, whatever is made for you and meant to be is already yours. If you have to force it or it drains you in every way possible, that’s not for you. A job, an opportunity, a relationship, anything. This was such a tough lesson for me because I am not patient, I like to be in control, and I’m stubborn. Learning to let go of people, opportunities, or anything that was taking way too much out of me was a hard, but powerful lesson.
  2. Don’t take it personal – I used to take every single little thing personal. The tone of one’s voice, a post on social media, a sideways glance in passing, even an ignored text message. My brain would go 0-100 in seconds and I would assume the worst about them and myself. However, I have actively been working on letting things roll off my shoulders and not to dwell on something said three weeks ago in passing or to let my emotions be controlled by someone who probably didn’t notice or purposefully act some way towards me. It’s never that deep. 
  3. Your journey is not the same as everyone else’s journey – just because something works for you and came at the perfect time for you, does not mean that it is meant for everyone else. Everyone has their own journey and their timing. No matter how similar situation might appear to be at first glance does not necessarily means it matches yours. Simply be supportive and help if you can because it will all happen for them in their own time.
  4. Make a plan for whatever you are trying to accomplish – whether it is a big goal or a small daily task, make a plan. I have found that this has really helped me and kept me accountable for all the things I say I want to do. It was a struggle, but organization and using your time wisely allows me to actually have more free time. Realistic time lines are helpful.
  5. There’s always time and room for good coffee and dessert – I mean this in the literal sense, but also as a metaphor for slowing down and enjoying the good stuff right in front of you. There are always events or shows or things that I want to go do, but I always say that I don’t have time or I am too tired. But no more! Life is too short to waste so make plans to do something new and enjoy dessert.

Even though some lessons were harder than others, 2017 was obviously the year of personal growth and clarity for me. Here’s to my final post of 2017 and to applying these lessons every day from here on out. What was your biggest lesson this past year?


Cheers to 2018!

3 thoughts on “the year of _____”

  1. Great post! Everyone can learn from these five, I know I am.

    Biggest thing I’ve learned this year is that it’s okay to be content where I am as long as I’ve done my very best and I’m continuing to move forward towards my goals. I don’t have to know the whole vision to take baby steps and to move in the direction of my goals, just move in faith , trust the process, and enjoy the journey.

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    1. I love that! Baby steps and trusting the process are definitely on my list too. We always want to have it all figured out and be six steps ahead, but that’s not always in the plan.

      Thank you for the input and sending you much love this new year!


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