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people cannot read minds.

This is a reminder that people cannot read minds. Unless you are cosmically touched, mind reading or clairvoyance is not possible and traditional sense.

Often, we fall into a trap of expecting people to do stuff without ever verbalizing our wishes. We expect them to “just know”. We want our significant others to do things without stating our expectations in the relationship. We want our employee to immediately see how amazing we are, but we never go the extra mile or toot our own horn when we have a chance to. We want our friends to check in as soon as life gets tough, but they have no clue that you need more support than usual. I’ll admit there are times where people you are physically near with should be a bit more aware of when your mood is off or if you are straying from typical behavior. And of course, we should always be treated the same way we treat others. However, I’m referring to the bigger picture here. I sometimes get this expectation in my mind that everyone I interact with should “just know” and be ready.

I’m trying to break this bad habit of having this unrealistic expectation of others. I get disappointed and let down because someone did not do something while the other person is completely unaware that I’m feeling this way. They haven’t done anything wrong, I’m just in my feelings about a situation I created without ever communicating. Openly communicating is HARD for me. Maybe it’s because I am a true Aquarius (making me very closed off) or because I hate appearing vulnerable to anyone ever. But it’s causing more stress for me to keep it all inside; rather than simply saying it.

People cannot read minds and sometimes you do need to speak your truth. Say what you want, be the first to reach out, and openly state your feelings and standards. Sometimes it is necessary to have uncomfortable conversations to adequately hold others accountable for their actions and how they make me feel.

People cannot read minds so speak your truth!

What type of communicator are you?

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